Collaboration News Post

2010-07-31 13:26:23 by ajyablo

I am a composer and a musician with 4+ years of formal composition classes and approximately 6+ years of playing in a band.
I am fond of composing towards an orchestra setting.
However, having played in a rock band I am not shy of more popular genres.
I also enjoy experimenting in electronic music.

My Music

On this site you will find a slough of compositions by myself.
They are all labelled as far as style and orchestration is concerned.

For what it's worth:
"Look Out! Spies!", "Movieless" "S2" and "M3" are all orchestral movie score styled.
"All Wet" and "Apple Sauce" are simple Jazz pieces.

I also update fairly often with new pieces or works-in-progress on that page.
"The One Who Fell" is a good example of my earlier times with electronic music.
"Zombies Overture" Large orchestral piece.

I always want to learn new techniques and composition, so I am open to pretty much any style.

If you want to contact me: Just send me a PM.


Musical Update 002

2010-07-30 14:05:54 by ajyablo

Hello NG folk,

It's been a while since I've done anything on here...
Besides helping JordanD/Duchednier/Patchman guy write script for "Patchman: Production."
And when I say "helping write" I really mean it was just an inside joke for us at school.
*Ahem* I mean it took hours and hours and you should give us money for it because it's the best joke since sliced bread.

Any who: I've been on a jazz kick recently... I'm not even that fond of jazz!
Although I do enjoy some jazz fusion here and there.
I primarily write orchestral pieces or rock music but have been known to fiddle around with electronic music.

But if any one has any one has a project offer...